7 of the Best TV Stands and Their Features

All TV stands are not created equal. Some of them are perfect, provide the best viewing angles and comfort for everyone in the home. And some of them are made of cheap materials and make one regret their buying decision. You can never be sure about the right type of TV stand that is perfect for your personal needs. This is why you need to look at all the different types available in the market and make your choice accordingly.

Keep reading this article to find the seven best types of TV stands that you can find easily in the market.

1. Open Shelves

Gone are the days when all TV stands are designed in the same manner. Now, it’s more about keeping things lively and open for the users. Open shelving design provides versatile functionality, allowing you to store many items in the available shelves. This and many other outstanding TV stands are available at LOFT Design Company.

2. Console

The console TV stand is still a favorite for many users as it seems like a solid element of the overall furniture theme in any household. This TV stand fits nicely with other cabinets in the house. The presence of many drawers and a compact, complete look makes the Console TV stands popular. These stands are especially well-known for their rectangular structure.

3. Audio Towers

Who doesn’t love to enjoy loud music in a Home Entertainment setup? Most TV stands fail to fulfill the needs of a specific audience that wants a complete audio experience in their homes. The presence of two tall separate shelves in this TV stand makes this a complete package for audiophiles. The best thing about these shelves is that they allow users to put other accessories/books.

4. The Hutch

Let’s take a trip back to the 60s, where TVs were kept with extreme care, shall we? This “Hutch” TV stand makes sure that nothing from the top or other sides damages the TV (minus the front side). The covered cabinets on top and both sides make it different from other TV stands, while the bottom shelves look somewhat like the Console TV stand. Related Suggestion – Why You Should Replace Carpet Flooring

5. Cabinet Stand

Now this one has its category and target audience! The presence of big, bulky drawers on the bottom side of this TV shelf makes it look like something that belongs to the renaissance. One of the Cabinet TV stand’s main characteristics is that it is made of sturdy wood that lasts longer. This TV stand has a good potential for becoming an heirloom item as well. The main appeal? You can slide the front sliders to hide the TV! Sound awesome and looks awesome in any household, with additional safety!

6. Swivel Stand

Talk about not taking up extra space and providing all the essential features at the same time! True to its name, this TV stand enables the user to rotate the TV at any angle. This feature makes it easier to enjoy TV in both big and small rooms. A swivel stand is also perfect for people living in apartments as it doesn’t take up as much space as the ones mentioned above. However, the Swivel TV stand might not be as safe as the Cabinet TV stand.

7. Floating Stand

A big problem with TV stands is that most of them require frequent cleaning. This stand fits nicely on any wall, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning the floor under the stand. The floating stand also lets you hide the cords. Cable placement isn’t a problem to tackle if you buy this stand. The floating stand provides plenty of space to place books or any peripheral devices.