A guide to renovating your home in the best way possible

After the events of the last two years, many of us made some major decisions about our homes. While many of us decided to move house, many more of us opted to stay put and make some upgrades.

According to last year’s Renovation Nation Report from Money.co.uk, over three-quarters of UK homeowners (77%) spent money on making changes or improvements around the home in 2021. This trend was set to continue into 2022, with many of us setting aside funds to cover everything from minor adjustments to major overhauls.

If you’re among those who are set to change things up, here’s a look at how to get the most out of your renovation.

Planning your renovation

Before you jump in and tackle things that might have been irritating you for a while, take a moment to pause and work out exactly what needs your attention first. By setting aside time to focus on the areas that need attention, you’re more likely to complete the important tasks first.

Some of the key points to consider include what your budget is and what the biggest jobs are. Will you need to call in the professionals or are you able to take on some DIY? Can your finances stretch to calling in an interior designer or might you need to plan for the services of a professional contractor? Weigh up your options and see what needs your attention first.

Financing your home update

We’ve already touched on your budget, but it’s important that you work out exactly what funds you have access to. It might be that you’ve been saving up, in which case you can get some estimates and see how they match up with the amount you’ve set aside.

If your savings don’t quite stretch to the renovation you have in mind, you could manage the cost of these updates with a home improvement loan. This means you’d spread the cost in monthly installments and you’d need to make sure you can make the repayments, but it is an option if you want to get the renovation off the ground this year.

What renovations to get

Once you’ve figured out your finances, it’s possible to narrow down your renovations so that you can look at what’s needed first. Are you ready for a kitchen upgrade? Maybe the bathroom suite could do with a revamp? Or maybe you’re looking to build an extension.

These are significant jobs that will require a lot of planning. You’ll need to call in the professionals and work out what you want, from major decisions like how much of your garden the extension will take up to smaller details like door handle colors – not to mention the practicalities of where you’ll go for a shower!

Think about the reasons for these updates too. An extension, for instance, could add value to your property. It can also provide much-needed extra space if you’re planning on staying put in the family home.

Once you know what you want and why you’re doing it, you’re well-placed to get your home renovation underway.