A Comprehensive Guide To Motorized Blinds

Technological advancements come with a host of top-notch window shade options for commercial and domestic settings. One such invention is motorized blinds and shades, characterized by eradicating manual operations. Catering to the needs of vulnerable demographics like differently-abled people, children, the elderly and others, motorized and automated blinds have virtually supplanted standard window coverings. 


The right motorized blinds supplier provides cutting-edge power and control options ranging from wired and rechargeable batteries to wall switches, remote control, app-operated, and more without sacrificing style or functionality. This article will serve as your guide to knowing the nits and grits of motorized blinds:


Things To Consider Before Your Purchase

Opting for motorized blinds for the first time is an exciting endeavor but can also be daunting. Purchasing motorized blinds from professional suppliers, schedule in-home design consultations to learn about your envisioned commercial or home space, answer queries, and explore diverse opportunities. 


These professional experts bring to the table a host of fabric choices and customizable designs at an affordable and seamless installation. Given below are certain factors that can ease the decision-making:

  • Budget Aspects

Purchasing window shades come with budget considerations, which are inherently determined by material, size, color, specifications, supplier, and more. The price of the shades can be affordable or expensive based on these variables, and the best way to approach this aspect is to book free consultations with professional suppliers. Remember to communicate all your requirements and specifications to the supplier to gauge an accurate price. 

  • Size And Material of Shades

A common misconception is that oversized windows are costlier, but this is far from the truth. It is not the size that increases the price but the energy consumption factors. Motorized shades come in a variety of sizes and materials, depending on the supplier you go for. It can also vastly determine the aesthetic ambiance and atmosphere of your space. 


For instance, a fabric shade is more casual, whereas aluminum or faux wood is used for external purposes. Consulting a professional and reliable supplier will ensure the best of both worlds by providing quality materials and durable motors at an affordable and functional price. Their faux wood blinds are NFPA 701 fire-retardant rated.

  • Charger And Control Options

As mentioned, different suppliers will provide different motorized and automated shades with different control options, like remote-controlled, app-controlled, voice assistance, and more. They are operated either through batteries or wires. Batteries can be chargeable or non-rechargeable, depending on your preference, and hardwired ones are expensive due to installation difficulty.


Types of Motorized Shades

The operation of these shades is based on a systematic motor system. The motor is plugged and installed at the head of the shades, responding to the instructions delivered to it through the remote. Some also enable voice assistance and are incredibly beneficial.


Type Description Power Control
Roller  Roller shades are versatile options with a vast range of colors, patterns, and fabric choices. They can also be customized with valances, hem pulls, and other decorations. Battery, rechargeable transformer Wall switch, handheld remote, phone app, home automation systems
Solar  Solar shades are environmentally friendly, providing furniture and carpets with UV-free maintenance and zero glare. Battery, rechargeable transformer Wall switch, handheld remote, phone app, home automation systems
Cellular  Honeycomb-designed cellular ones are optimized for energy efficiency with four opacity levels and multiple cell sizes and colors. Battery, rechargeable battery, transformer Wall switch, handheld remote, phone app, and home automation systems 
Faux wood  Giving a clean and natural touch to the interiors, faux wood is moisture-resistant and safe.  Battery, rechargeable battery, transformer Wall switches, handheld remotes, phone apps, and home automation systems
Transitional  Dual panels bring variety into the space, with sheer and opaque vanes with stripe effects. Battery, rechargeable battery, transformer Wall switches, handheld remotes, phone apps, and home automation systems



Technology influenced a significant amount of lives, welcoming you into the new era of automation. Motorized blinds and shades are undoubtedly one of the best choices a homeowner or a business owner can make. They provide multiple temperature regulations and aesthetical benefits that can change the definition of comfort for your space. When opting for these excellent window coverings, consider the above factors and benefits to aid decision-making.