9 Best Air Conditioner Brands in 2020

Scientists have predicted that scorching temperatures will continue to remain during this summer season. The only way to combat the heat in 2020 is by having the best AC units. With so many brands out there to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Check out this guide to find out the best air conditioner brands of 2020:

  1. American Standard

American Standard Heating and Cooling have made the list of one of the best air conditioner brands of 2020. This company is a member of the Ingersoll Rand Group.

The best AC units are those that provide options. American Standard has options including Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These levels are all rated based on important conditions such as efficiency, comfort, and cooling stages.

They are one of the best air conditioner brands because they offer an AccuComfort system. This is their best HVAC system because it offers various speed operations that allow the system to adjust on its own and run more efficiently. The best HVAC system will make you less likely to need an HVAC replacement anytime soon.

  1. Amana Heating and Air Conditioning

This is one of the most heard of names when it comes to air conditioning which is why it is one of the best air conditioner brands. When it comes to SEER ratings, this is the air conditioning brand you want to buy from.

They offer a large range of SEER ratings, ranging from 13 to 18. This range can attract all buyers, including those who are looking for residential units. Typically, the perfect setting for a SEER in a residential place is 16.

This affordable air conditioner brand also offers compatibility with ComfortNet home monitoring devices. They also offer warranties for their models.

  1. Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning

For the best central air conditioner, Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning is the brand you must try. They offer standard central air conditioners that most buyers are looking for. This brand even makes rooftop units.

Their Evolution and Legacy models are popular ones for buyers. This brand also offers the AeroQuiet system. This system works to reduce the noise of their units more than the competitors.

They also offer a high-tech thermostat that allows you to program the heating and cooling needs for days in advance. This comes in handy in places that are always hot or always cold. It can even benefit those living in areas where the weather constantly fluctuates if you know what the weather is going to look like for the week.

The device also allows you to control the humidity. You can stay comfortable without having to make adjustments each day.

  1. Carrier

Carrier is one of the best air conditioning brands because they pride themselves on being experts in the field. Hence their motto, “turn to the experts.”

They feature many different models, ones that are great options for homeowners. If you are looking for a deck installation, consider the Performance model by Carrier.

Although they offer an 18 SEER rating, they can still be for residential use. If you are looking for comfort and great system performance, check out the Carrier models.

  1. Goodman Manufacturing

Goodman Manufacturing assembled all of its models in the United States. It was founded in Texas but is now a subsidiary of a Japanese air conditioning company called the Daikin Group.

They offer a range of SEER ratings, those between 13 and 18. The best models by this company come with a lifetime warranty and a warranty for the parts that last for ten years.

A lot of their units are energy efficient. This is due to them being partnered with Energy Star.

  1. Lennox

For the most innovative products, Lennox is one of the go-to air conditioning brands. They have affordable and pricey options depending on what you are looking for, but you get what you pay for. The cheaper options are louder than the more expensive models that they offer.

They offer branded parts to ensure that their systems run the way they want them to. The high-tech they provide makes their models worth the buy.

  1. Mitsubishi Electric

You may be familiar with Mitsubishi as a car company, but they are famous for their electronics too. Not many know that they sell HVAC products, and have been doing so for a while.

This hidden gem is one of the best air conditioning brands to buy from. They are very concerned with environmental issues which is an important thing for a lot of people and the world as a whole.

They even offer things other companies do not, such as a 30.5 SEER system. They also work with Energy Star.

  1. Rheem

For the best two-stage air conditioning units, Rheem is the brand to buy from. This means you can enjoy active communication between the system and the user.

If you are not one who likes interacting with the HVAC system, they offer other options. The other units they have can automate most processes without needing the user to communicate.

  1. Trane

Trane is one of the most trusted air conditioning brands for commercial buildings. They do double-time though, meaning that they also have products for residential use.

The most crucial reasons that people gravitate toward this brand is due to their high SEER ratings and great warranties. Their units require fine-tuning so it is important to have the expert’s help when deciding on a unit for a specific location of the home or business. This can save you money and get you the right product that you can enjoy for years.

Air Conditioner Brands You’ll Love

If this heat is getting to you, it may be time for a new AC unit. You don’t want just any old unit, you need the best to combat the heat this year.

Choosing from these air conditioner brands will ensure that you are staying cool in 2020. If you like what you’ve read, keep coming back for more articles like this!

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