7 Garage Makeover Ideas to Get You Inspired

Around half of American households are planning a renovation in 2022, which means that most homeowners want to flex their creativity and improve their homes. 

Investing in a garage makeover is great for boosting your home’s resale value and designing your dream space. But with so many possibilities, it’s difficult knowing which areas to focus on. Perhaps that’s why you’re currently here; you want to elevate your garage and are searching for inspiration.  

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven garage makeover ideas to inspire you.  

1. Paint the Walls a Bright Color 

The first step of your garage remodel is to paint the walls a bright color. Not only does it open up the space but it lets you add a splash of your personality. If you don’t want a dramatic change, choose a neutral palette like beige or eggshell because it’s more versatile. 

2. Insulate the Room

An underrated aspect of your garage renovation is the insulation, especially if you’re planning to spend time there. The beauty of installing insulation is that it regulates the temperature on a minimal budget. But make sure you spray foam insulation on the garage door to minimize drafts, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Another way of regulating the temperature is by installing ceiling fans. Aside from keeping you cool in the summer, if you hit the “reverse fan” switch, the fans will turn clockwise and spread warm air around the room. Or, if that doesn’t cut it, invest in an electric space heater as it’s a great way to heat a room without losing heat.

3. Upgrade Your Floors 

Next, it’s time to tackle the garage’s floors. Note, this will depend on what you’re planning to do in the garage. Generally, vinyl, engineered hardwood, and concrete work wonder in garages. And if you’ve got concrete but want to elevate it, replace it with epoxy floor coating as it will transform the space. 

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4. Install Windows and Doors 

Homeowners with a dark garage should consider installing windows. This is a great way of introducing natural light into the space and keeping it well-ventilated. Make sure you invest in double pane windows, especially if you live somewhere with harsh winters, as it helps regulate the room further. 

Further, if you have outdated doors, consider replacing them. You should also install mesh screens in the doorway to keep out pests during the summer.  

5. Add Storage Solutions 

Regardless of how you’re transforming the room, you should add storage solutions to minimize clutter. There are many ways you can do this, such as installing cabinets or cabinets for a more practical option. And don’t worry if you’re not great at woodworking, most stores have stylish solutions that work with any decor. 

You should also check out vertical storage, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. This includes installing hooks or shelves to keep items out of the way. Note, only keep items that you need at eye level so it’s easier to find.   

6. Soundproof the Garage 

Soundproofing is another important element of any garage makeover. Although it’s not always necessary, this is the go-to solution for homeowners who live in densely populated areas. A major benefit is that soundproofing is a DIY job because you simply need to nail soundproofing foam into the wall. 

7. Repurpose the Room

If you’re stumped with garage makeover ideas, know that there are many ways to transform the space.

Fitness fanatics can turn their garage into a home gym, whether you want to remodel the entire room or dedicate a corner to working out. You should fill the space with secondhand gym equipment and lay down foam so that it’s more comfortable underfoot. Plus, it’s easier to wipe down after a sweat sesh.  

Or, if you’ve got little ones, turn your garage into a giant play area.

Make sure you remove anything harmful, such as covering electrical sockets and installing high shelves to keep items away from your kids’ reach. For older kids, add a TV or their game console where they can play their favorite video games. And don’t forget to include your children in the process so that they can get excited about their new space. 

Another great makeover idea is turning the garage into a home theater. Simply hang a white sheet and invest in a project where your household can enjoy movie nights. You should also install rows of reclining chairs so you can stay comfortable. 

Further, homeowners can turn the space into a home office. This is a lifesaver if you live in a busy household and find it impossible to concentrate in peace, especially if you work remotely. Before designing the space, figure out where the electrical outlets are and base your office layout around that. 

Once you’ve covered the basics, decide how to best optimize the space so it’s the ultimate work environment. For instance, if you struggle with lighting, put your desk near a window and invest in a lamp to minimize eye strain. 

Not a fan of an office? Then, extend your living space if it’s close to your current living room or kitchen. You could even add a dining table or a TV room with more seating.  

Start Your Garage Makeover Today

Hopefully, now that you’ve got garage makeover ideas, you’ll design your dream space ASAP. 

There are many ways to elevate your garage, such as painting the walls with bright colors and upgrading the floors. Homeowners should also install windows and decide whether to transform the space into a gym or office, depending on their needs. Happy designing! 

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