6 Garage Upgrades to Increase Your Resale Value

When trying to increase your home’s resale value, the focus tends to be on the kitchen and some broader cosmetic upgrades. However, the garage is an oft-overlooked opportunity to make marketable improvements— many of which are affordable to implement.

If you have a garage and are looking for ways to add resale value to your home, consider these six garage upgrades.

Add a New Garage Door

When it comes to adding value with garage upgrades, adding a new door is considered low-hanging fruit. In other words, it’s the best way to get value for your money. Replacing an outdated garage door with something new and practical not only increases functionality in the space but also enhances your home’s curb appeal (source: https://abrooksconstruction.com/).

Carriage house garage doors have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the aesthetic elevation they add to a home’s exterior. If you’re positioning your garage as a multipurpose space, you can also get modern-style doors with large, frosted glass panels for extra light without sacrificing security.

While there are endless garage door options, many expert installers also offer custom solutions that you can personalize to combine your favorite styles or features. When taking this approach, remember to consider what a potential buyer might like as well.

Add Insulation and Climate Control

Many people use their garage as protection from the elements for their vehicles and seasonal gear. However, that doesn’t stop the garage from being too hot or cold during extreme temperatures.

Adding insulation and some basic climate control can add tremendous value to your garage, transforming it from a storage area to an extension of your living space. This upgrade will appeal to those who use their garage as a home gym or workshop in addition to storing their vehicle. If nothing else, it’s nice to know your car will start and be toasty warm on those cold winter mornings.

Add Windows and Lighting

Adding windows and better lighting is another way to enhance the value of your garage and appeal to different buyers. Those who wish to use their garage as a functional space will see the appeal of more light. Adding better lighting can also make the garage feel more spacious and cleaner.

One caveat when adding windows is the positioning. Ideally, your windows won’t be accessible by passersby or positioned to show anything of value in the garage. Consider using high-set windows or frosted glass for extra security.

Install an Epoxy Floor

Sealing the floor with an epoxy coating is another form of low-hanging fruit when upgrading your garage. This simple upgrade is bright, reflective, and easy to clean. In other words, it can make the space look bigger and brighter while minimizing maintenance.

Epoxy floors are chemical-resistant and durable, which appeals to potential buyers who spend a lot of time in the garage working on their vehicles.

Install a Separate Door

While most attached garages have a through-door, many detached garages do not have alternative access points. People with this type of garage must enter and exit through the larger garage door.

One easy upgrade to add value to your garage and to attract buyers is to install a separate door for easy entry and exit without having to open the larger door. This upgrade is also valuable for homes with attached garages with a through door, but no exterior door.

Install Functional Storage

Finally, installing functional storage will benefit both existing and future homeowners. Adding functional storage options— like tote bin shelves and overhead racks— will help potential buyers envision how they use the space.

Functional storage space has been identified as one of the top considerations when potential buyers look at a house. In addition to closet and basement storage space, they also look at garage organization for tools and cabinets for extra home storage. This upgrade has a high return on investment (ROI), as installing functional storage is relatively low-cost for a high return.

While these six garage upgrades will appeal to potential buyers, they’ll also enhance your quality of life as well. Refreshing your garage can extend your living space, help you declutter, and make your commutes a little easier— all worthwhile investments.