6 Best Types of Greenhouse Structures

Greenhouses are a great way to grow plants and flowers all year round. You can also keep insects and pests away from your garden, thanks to the greenhouse structures. But there’s a wide variety of greenhouses on the market, and they differ in size, style, and shape. These greenhouses can also be made from simple plastic sheets to glass or wooden structures. Likewise, they can be complex structures with automated systems to control light and temperature.

The wide range of options can make it challenging to decide which is the ideal choice for your needs if you’re looking to build a new greenhouse structure. Worry no more if you’re having this problem, as this guide is an overview of the best greenhouse structure you can consider.

How To Choose A Greenhouse

When it comes to deciding on which greenhouse to get, you’ll be overwhelmed by the list of options. As a result, choosing a greenhouse can be difficult due to the range of different materials, designs, and accessories to choose from. Aluminium for example is a cheaper all weather option, but some people prefer the style of a wooden greenhouse in their garden (which is heavier and more expensive).

Then there are glazing options, which include safer but less attractive polycarbonate, as well as toughened safety glass. You should also consider how many plants you want to grow, as you may need a large greenhouse, and you have to consider the space you have in your home for one. Installation is also a factor, so you should look for a new greenhouse company like swgreenhouses.co.uk who offer installation included in their products. The heat of your glasshouse is also important to think about, as well as how you’ll be using it throughout your gardening calendar.

What Are The Different Types Of Greenhouse Structures?

Some of the different and best options to consider when looking for a greenhouse structure include the following:

1. Gothic arch greenhouse structure

The gothic arch greenhouse structure is an excellent choice for commercial and hobby use. It’s brought about by its sturdy build, reasonably priced, and ease of building. This new greenhouse structure is also customizable in terms of size and shape, so you can choose the design that works best for your particular situation. To create this structure, all you need is plastic, wooden pieces, and other building products to form an ideal environment to grow flowers, plants, and vegetables.

The Gothic arch greenhouse is one of the most beautiful designs for greenhouses. It’s a bit more expensive to build than some other designs, but it has a lot of advantages. The structure is visually appealing while very sturdy and easy to maintain. The natural sunlight that comes through the arches makes for excellent plant growth, and its integrated structure allows for multiple types of plants or crops in the same space.

2. Lean-To Greenhouse Structure

A lean-to greenhouse is one that’s attached to the side of a building. This is a great structure if you have a limited amount of space or want your greenhouse close to your home. This structure is also great for commercial growers and hobbyists, as it’s straightforward to modify and expand over time. However, they’re particularly suited to small domestic operations.

Lean-to greenhouses have the same basic structure as any other greenhouse, but since they lean against a house or another building, they take up less space than other greenhouses. These greenhouses are usually used for shorter-term gardening projects because they’re anchored to an existing wall or built onto a back deck or garage for convenience.

3. Hoop House

Hoop House

Hoop houses are another greenhouse structure you need to know, and they get their name due to their half hoop shape. These long-lasting greenhouse structures are made from various materials, including steel, aluminum, plastic, and bamboo. Inside, you can grow anything from vegetable gardens to flowerbeds to warm-season plant propagation.

Despite not being as aesthetically pleasing, this greenhouse structure can be placed over your existing garden or inside an unused portion of your yard. It can also be used as a stand-alone structure if you need additional space for your crops. By using this structure in conjunction with other varieties of greenhouses, you can create a mini-farm where you can grow almost anything you want all year long.

4. Ridge And Furrow Greenhouse

Another greenhouse structure option to consider is the ridge and furrow greenhouse, which has been around for centuries. This type of greenhouse is among the most expensive and challenging to build, so it’s not always practical unless you have a large area available.

This type of greenhouse works best for areas with cold winters and warm summers. However, if you live where it snows, you’ll need to insulate the structure to protect your plants from the extreme weather outside. Because ridge and furrow greenhouses are constructed from wood, they’re less sturdy than their metal counterparts, so make sure to build yours on solid ground and don’t install them on hillsides or uneven land.

5. Shade House

Shade House
These greenhouse structures are the simplest to build, and all you need is a plot of land with southern exposure, plenty of sunlight, some lumber, and a few windows. The number of windows you’ll need and the size of your greenhouse will depend on how much light you want to let in. Shade houses don’t provide any insulation. Nonetheless, they do an excellent job keeping plants warm during cold nights and help maintain humidity levels during the dry seasons when there isn’t as much rainfall.

6. A-Frame Greenhouse

A-Frame Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a greenhouse that’s easy to build, affordable, and looks great, the A-Frame greenhouse is an ideal pick. The frame only requires simple tools to assemble, and it doesn’t require any fancy materials. The roof has to be glass since this greenhouse will function as a growing space, but you can use either tempered or regular glass. If you want to add some insulation and save on energy costs, you can also replace the wood with Styrofoam or plywood.

The A-frame greenhouse is among the most popular types of homemade greenhouses among gardening enthusiasts because it’s easy to build and doesn’t require a lot of materials or tools. It must be built with a proper foundation to be able to provide years of use.


Before choosing the best greenhouse structure, you need to do your research and examine the different options to pinpoint the right pick. If you’re confused about where to start, this guide has detailed the best types of greenhouse structures to consider. With any of these options, you’ll be able to increase food production by promoting faster plant growth.