5 Tips to Improve Property Privacy

It can sometimes seem like no matter where you are in your home or on your property, someone else can see you. Neighbors might be watching you prepare dinner, or joggers passing by might be able to see directly into your living room. Frustratingly, it may seem like there are limited options to improve your property privacy. However, you have more solutions than you might think.

Change Your Front Door

One of the first things people see when they walk past most properties is the front door. Not only does a front door with windows make it harder to control your home’s temperature, but it can also affect your privacy. If your door has transparent glass panels, you may not feel like your home is private as it could be.

By contacting door suppliers Melbourne residents use like Doors Plus, you may be able to upgrade to a solid door that gives your home’s entrance the privacy it needs.

Purchase Shutters

It’s easy to make your home private at night by closing the drapes. However, during the day, it can be much more challenging.

You may be able to achieve much-needed privacy by investing in shutters. Their louvered design means they can provide both light and privacy during the day but comfort at night with complete closure. Shutters are available for both windows and doors, so no room in your house has to miss out on a new form of privacy.

Upgrade Your Fencing

Even though fencing can be a costly upgrade, it can be worthwhile if it gives your property more privacy than it currently has. Fences also have the added bonus of keeping pets and children contained and safe when they’re playing outside.

Wood, stone, brick, and vinyl, are all suitable options, and fencing contractors can help you pick a style that suits your home the best. If you already have a sound fence, but it’s not tall enough, you may be able to add an extension to it that blends in with your home’s design.

Grow Plants

If certain windows or doors are more visible to your neighbors than others, look at the different plants you can purchase or grow to block the view. Since some plant varieties can take several years to become well established, consider growing them in pots to add some height or purchasing mature plants from nurseries.

Some popular options include hydrangeas which are available in many different colors and arborvitae that can grow over 30 feet tall.

Look at Privacy Screens

A common problem for many homeowners is having neighbors peering into their yard while they’re trying to enjoy their outdoor entertainment space. When your property is surrounded by others on all sides, there’s no perfect privacy method.

However, trellis and screens might be how you add at least a small amount of privacy. These can be erected around patio areas with the minimal DIY experience necessary. You may even like to use trellis to grow plants for added vibrancy.

Living in a crowded city or suburban area can sometimes mean your property lacks privacy. If you’re tired of locking eyes with passers-by or having people peer into your home, take action with any of these privacy methods above.