5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Did you know that a refrigerator water filter uses carbon to filter out contaminants? It’s an important function but only works if you replace your water filter regularly.

Do you know how to tell when it’s time to buy a filter replacement? There are several things you should look for to determine your current filter’s efficiency.

The following guide will explore 5 signs that it’s time for water filter replacements.

1. The Indicator Light

Modern refrigerators usually have helpful indicator lights. They let you know when it’s time for a filter replacement. Some indicator lights use a basic timer and other lights link to the exact water filter status.

Keep in mind that indicators that use timers aren’t always completely accurate. Not everyone uses the same amount of water daily and your filter could last longer than predicted.

2. Half-Year Mark

Many refrigerator manufacturers suggest replacing your water filter every six months. That’s also the listed lifespan of most refrigerator water filters on the market.

Filters typically come with a small sticker so that you can mark the date of installation. It’s a helpful way to remind yourself of when to buy a replacement.

3. Slow Water Dispenser

Filters can clog over time and cause water from the fridge to dispense more slowly. Filters in homes with hard water are especially vulnerable to clogging because of mineral deposits.

Your filter could still clog over time even if you use a soft water filter in your home. It’s probably time to change your filter if it’s taking longer to fill a glass of water from the fridge.

4. Bad Tasting Water and Ice

You can usually use your own tastebuds to determine if your filter needs replacing. If your water has a strange taste, just replace the filter and start enjoying refreshing water again.

Old water filters also affect the quality and quantity of your ice. Consider replacing your filter if your ice maker stops producing as much ice. The ice might also appear cloudy or have a strange flavor and smell.

5. Black Specks

Refrigerator water filters typically use charcoal with millions of small flecks inside the container. They eliminate contaminants from your water as it flows through the filter.

It’s common for a few tiny black specks to pass through once in a while. It’s especially normal for brand new filters to release some black specks during the first run.

But you’ll need a replacement if your water or ice has lots of specks and the filter isn’t new. It means that your filter has started leaking filter medium. You can visit Discount Filters for affordable replacement options.

Changing Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Now you know why it’s important to change your refrigerator water filter and when to do it. Remember this guide and keep an eye out for the signs of a bad filter. It’s an easy fix to ensure refreshing and contaminant-free water.

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