5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Glass and Window Repair Service

Your windows perform several functions. They protect you and your family from the elements, keep thieves and vermin out, improve curb appeal, and others.  Professionally installed windows can increase your home’s value and improve energy efficiency. Like other surfaces in your home, windows are prone to damage and will require repair from time to time.

Many homeowners attempt to repair damaged, outdated or broken windows by themselves to save on repair costs. However, poor installation can result in further damage and cost more in the long term.

Below are five reasons to hire a professional glass and window repair service.


Glass is heavy and brittle. It, therefore, needs careful handling to ensure that it does not fall, break and harm you and your family members. Professional installers know how to carry and install glass safely. This reduces its chances of breaking and ensures that you and your family will not get injured during the repair or installation process.

A professional glass service provider will also advise you on the best types of glass to ensure safety.


Residential and commercial windows must be installed under international, national, and state codes. These include the International Residential Code (IRC), the 2015 Michigan Building code, and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

A professional glass and window repair Grand Rapids service will be familiar with these codes and ensure compliance.

Professional Installation

There is more to glass and window installation than simply placing them into a space. The installer must take measurements, remove the existing glass, prepare the opening and follow many other steps that ensure proper installation.

In addition, your glass installer must follow the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the specific glass they are using. Home window installation in Grand Rapids will go seamlessly if you hire a professional glass and window service to do it for you.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency refers to the process of reducing energy wastage. Energy-efficient windows are made from double or triple glazed glass that prevents heat from escaping.  They keep your house cool in the summer and warm in winter. This lowers your energy bills due to a reduced air conditioner and heater use.

Finally, energy-efficient homes help you do your part for the environment. Less frequent use of your air conditioner and heater results in lower CO2 emissions and fewer greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere.

Increased home value

Replacing windows is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your home’s value. According to Remodelling Magazine’s 2020 cost. Vs. Value report, window replacement has an ROI of 72%.

Window replacement increases your home’s value by increasing energy efficiency, curb appeal, and security. Whether you are looking to sell or simply make your property more attractive to renters, window replacement is one of the best ways to do so.


Hiring a professional glass and window repair service is one of the best things that you can do for your home. They will ensure proper installation and let you enjoy benefits like improved home value, greater energy efficiency, and safety.