3 Ways to Refresh A Home’s Exterior

With images of newly-built homes, renovations and the, seemingly endless, number of upgrades now available for homes, it is unsurprising that many homeowners find themselves wondering what they can do to freshen up their homes. There are so many options available to homeowners to rejuvenate their homes that it is nearly impossible to cover them all even if one were to only focus on the interior or exterior. So for the sake of time (and attention), these are a few ways that homeowners can refresh the exterior of their homes.

Paint the Exterior

What is the key to reviving the look of most things? Paint. The same is true for the exterior of a home. Obtaining estimates from exterior house painters on the price of painting a home is simple and likely free. If the estimate for painting the entire home is pricier than hoped or the paint is in good condition but perhaps a little unappealing, it may be worthwhile to have the trim alone painted. Changing the trim color is sometimes a small task that has a big impact. No matter the choice, painting the trim or all of the exterior will provide a home with a brand new look that will enhance the home’s exterior.

Upgrade the Windows

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then maybe it could be said that windows are the eyes of the home and, therefore, say a lot about the home. When windows are dirty, old, worn, damaged or do not match, it can degrade the appearance of a home. Having new windows installed gives a home a renewed look that improves curb appeal. Replacing all windows can be an expensive improvement, but it is an improvement that can be undertaken in stages. A homeowner could begin with the windows on the front of the home and eventually move to the remaining windows as the budget allows. However, if replacing windows is not possible to do, even in stages, thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of windows can improve a home’s aesthetic.

Maintain the Yard

An aspect of homes’ appearance that is easy to overlook–but not so easy to overlook–is the landscaping. The most beautiful home can be overshadowed by poorly maintained landscaping or landscaping that has simply been ignored. So, it could very well be that a home does not need a facelift; it is the yard that needs it. The elements of a yard are like the accessories of a home. And even the best-dressed person can miss the mark if the accessories are not right. To keep a home off the worst-dressed list, the landscaping must be maintained.

Refreshing a home’s exterior can be a simple or an involved process depending on the extent of the refresh and the choices made regarding the enhancements. Picking and choosing from the suggestions and adding in one’s own creativity is part of the fun of being a homeowner. There are no hard and fast rules really. There are a variety of ways that homeowners can take their home’s exterior from drab to fab.