Making Art Profitable: 3 Steps to Start Your Full-Time Landscaping Business

If you’re passing through a neighborhood to check out potential properties to rent or buy, one of the first things you’ll notice is the landscape.

Though the home might be attractive, complete with fresh paint and having an inviting appearance, if the landscape is in total disarray, you’ll probably be turned away before even stepping one foot inside.

When someone is looking for curb value, this is where the art of landscaping comes into play. So if you have a love for working with natural elements and have a keen eye for design and proportion, taking your passion for landscaping and making it into a full-time profession could be a dream job.

But how do you go about setting up a landscaping business? The truth is, it’s actually pretty easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Here, we’ll detail a few initial steps for setting up your own landscaping business.

Build a Portfolio

If you’re going to be taken seriously, you’ll need to first develop a professional portfolio full of landscaping work that you’ve performed.

But how do you build a portfolio without landing a few jobs first? Well, this can be accomplished in a few different ways.

Landscape Your Own Property

If you have a property of your own, you’ve probably done a bit of landscaping work for yourself. As such, this is perfect for adding to your portfolio.

Additionally, you can also modify your existing landscape to add more variety to your portfolio as well.

Family and Friends

Hopefully, you have a few friends who have properties that they’ll allow you to landscape for them. If not, maybe you have a few family members who will be glad to let you landscape their properties to help you build your portfolio.

You should also note that you don’t have to perform any elaborate jobs at first. Before and after pictures of landscaping speak volumes. So start small, and build bigger later on.

The key to building a portfolio is to have a variety of designs that you can show to potential clients. So try to think outside the box. Basically, you’ll want more than pictures of floral gardens to be taken seriously.

Get a Work Truck

If you’re going to be a professional landscaper, you’re going to need a professional-looking work truck for hauling all of your equipment and materials.

Additionally, a professional work truck also sends the message of professionalism. Essentially, you’ll be taken more seriously if you show up to a prospective client’s property with a professional look instead of in a beat-up van from the ’80s.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a work truck just yet, the good news is that commercial vehicles are available for rent until you’re able to afford one of your own.

In addition, you can also have a magnetic logo made to place on the sides of the truck to help advertise your services as you drive from job to job. Also Read – Build a Beautiful Garden: Front Yard Garden Design Ideas

Network with Other Professionals

Beginning in any business requires professional networking with others within your trade. And though you might view other professionals as competition, you’ll still be able to collaborate and ask questions.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that many seasoned landscapers sometimes have too much work to handle during peak seasons, and they might even refer you to jobs that they can’t get to right away.

You’ll also want to get in touch with local resources such as the chamber of commerce, city planners, and homeowners associations. Basically, once people know you’re in business, they’ll be more inclined to remember your name and think of you when they need landscaping work done.

All in all, starting your own landscaping business simply starts with determination. As long as you’re determined and you work hard and produce quality designs, your reputation will precede you and you’ll soon be sought out for your services.